Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Countdown to Opening Day at Fenway, The Unofficial Start to Summer

Opening day at Fenway is April 8th: Red Sox vs. Yankees at Fenway...

My relationship, both emotional and geographic, with Fenway park is truly love/hate. To clarify, Fenway is basically my next door neighbor. Less than five minutes away on foot, stopping for traffic lights included.

I'll admit there are some fun parts - the first few games of the year, it's exciting, and it does make summer feel like it's already here even in April when it is still a little chilly.

Bostonians LOVE their sox, actually, they love all their sports, but baseball in particular...

Fenway Park has that "old time charm" - it's tiny, it's original, it's authentic... it's fun to be around that area... sometimes.

It's not so fun when I can't walk down certain blocks to get home on game days unless someone "escorts" me to ensure I don't sneak into the game ("I swear, I don't care about the game, I just don't want to walk around the block!") it's not so fun when you're the only person getting off the train at Kenmore, and it's not so fun when the really bright lights shine into your window into the wee hours of the morning.* And there is nothing very fun about drunken baseball fans honking, yelling, singing loudly and such outside your window every other night of the summer when it's really just too hot to cut out the breeze.

Baseball season is sure to result in some funny and/or entertaining stories... and you can absolutely bet that I will share (and yes, maybe complain a little) about them all.

But on the day that this happened:
The day I met Brian (OMG SWOON) from BSB!
I swore I would try to be more tolerant of the not-so-fun parts of living close to Fenway. Because living really close to Fenway this summer means easy access to the NKOTBSB concert and of course (^^^) meeting Brian. :) (Which by the way is like, 15 years in the making so, just let me have my moment.)

But they had the lights on the other night and, well, I already complained a little... oops.


Katie said...

OMG I am so happy to see someone as stoked for NKOTBSB as I am. I am SO going to make sure that I go to a NKOTBSB concert this year! I've been stalking their website waiting for new tour dates to be posted. I've waited for this for just as long and I refuse to miss it. Brian was always a fav for me so was AJ pre alcoholic.

Danielle said...

omg i absolutely cannot wait to go and see them this summer in my backyard!! i am really more of a "nick girl" but i think aj, brian and howie have all gotten better with age lol

Meagan said...

LO Freaking L!! This is like a teeny-bopper meeting! I love it! I was obsessed with BSB back in the day. I was nuts over AJ though.