Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NYC, Shake Shack, Lights, Ping Pong & Some of my Friends

A couple of weeks ago, Laura and I met up with Pat and Casey in NYC before taking the train out to Long Island on our way home. 

Two things you should know before I go on:
1. My friend Casey has a thing for my friend Laura
2. Laura likes to play 'hard to get' with him

They look really adorable together though.

Anyway, we went over to Madison Square Park {not to be confused with Madison Square Garden, two totally different things, neither of which are square...} to get some burgers at Shake Shack...

yum, Shake Shack.

 ... but when we got there were were really happy to find not just burgers but also this totally awesome installation of hanging light bulbs by Jim Cambell called "Scattered Light".  Oh and also there were delicious milkshakes.


At the time, we didn't know anything about the installation other than it was pretty and it was fun to walk through. We're a bunch of art kids so we tend to find amusement in such things, although non art folk I'm sure enjoy it just as much. 

As we were leaving we saw the bit of it that is really mindblowing:

"The forward-thinking artwork features 1,600 LED-filled, flickering lightbulbs to create the illusion of over-sized shadowy figures floating through urban space." source 

You can see the figures briefly in this video in which Cambell talks about this and some other pieces. It's totally freaking awesome. {More info here as well.}

And one last thing before we leave this location:
And this is Casey trying to kiss Laura. I don't blame him, it was a romantic spot.

And then we went to play ping pong at Spin which is when everyone got mad at me because I am athletically challenged and not a good partner to have in any game of any kind. :)

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