Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh, Good! You're Here!

This is the place where I'll bring you stories from beyond The Merriweather Council. Stories from my very real, very interesting (at times) life.

If the coming days are anything like the past few*, there will be plenty of stories to report... I'll also share all the things that are cool but somewhat irrelevant to Merriweather. 

Stories from the past few days include: 
- Sitting in Starbucks when a man came in, announced he was rich and then threw a hundred dollar bills all over the store... he smiled and then left.  
- Walking home when boy on bike rode past singing, quite loudly and proudly, "I believe I can fly."

I'll introduce you to my friends, and talk about Boston. I'll attempt to cook things and report honestly about the experience. I might rant about some stuff, but I'll probably rave about some other stuff.

I'll post lots of photos and findings and random musings from my travels both near and far. I think it'll be a good time.

We shall see how it goes, yeah?



vintage eye said...

I love Boston! Looking forward to the blog! :)

Megan V said...

Sounds fun! I'm in :)
So the thing about the rich guy - really? Did you snag one of the hundred dollar bills? Did he do it all cool like and make it rain?

Danielle said...

megan - it was all in singles, but no... no one even reached for the money. We all stood there just looking at each other... lol it was really odd... but YES he did make it rain! The money, like, exploded, im not sure how he did it, it was like a movie... it was sooo hilarious. Basically everyone ignored the money and then one of the starbucks workers came and picked it all up. They donated it to the relief efforts in japan, a friend of mine who works there told me haha

Nancy said...

You always make me laugh!!xo

Allisa Jacobs said...

Looking forward to all your stories & hearing about Boston...we lived there for a few years - glad I'll be able to see bits & pieces through your posts :)

Danielle said...

you can expect much about Boston here!