Thursday, March 24, 2011

Obligatory Female Blogger "What I Wore" Post

Sometimes on super fashiony blogs, the blogger will do a "look what I wore today" post and everyone will be like "Oh Em Gee, everything you do is so cute" but sometimes I just roll my eyes and feel frumpy. Dressing up and frolicking around in a field isn't really my thing, but I decided to do a post about what I wore too! So I used those other posts as a model and took some pictures of myself looking "ultra fabulous" and playing with my hair (I see that done a lot) as soon as I woke up.

i am so entertained by this parody of cuteness

Now I will go through and tell you what I am wearing:
Gnome Pajamas, by Nick and Nora, from I don't remember, $I also don't remember 
Sweat Pants (not pictured) by really? they are sweatpants, from high school softball field, $like, 15?

I bet none of those fashion chics will show you what they look like first thing in the morning. 

Don't get me wrong, I love to look at fashion blogs - I just can't hold myself to such high style, so I do what I can with what I've got you know?


Sharon said...

Truth is -- even in jest -- you are too cute -- and that hair thing, I thought you invented it. (guess I don't get out much)

Nancy said...

If my memory serves me, Santa brought those gnome pjs a few years ago... I'm just saying! xo

Erin said...

You are too funny! I am laughing out loud on this one:) I am sooooo the same way:) Love that you posted a pic of your jammies for us!

Megon and Julie said...

I don't see why all those super fashiony blogs have so many followers and get so many comments either!! I mean, yeah, I get it, you're a 20 something girl and you have super cute clothes that I will never own, but really? all you have to offer me is showing me what you wore? I want to know about the blogger, not just what you look like! I don't get it. I'm baffled. I like your post much better.

Kerry Hawkins said...

Very funny and cute

Laura Collins said...

This is EXACTLY what I'm going for with the Pansy Maiden photoshoot. Please wear the PJ's ;)
P.S. We will be frolicking in fields....

Danielle said...

so happy everyone enjoyed this lol

laura, self indulgent "look at how great all my perfectly matched clothes are" frolicking isnt my thing but bettering your business by frolicking in fields with your lovely bags - that is TOTALLY my thing! so don't worry, i CAN frolick with the best of them!